CNC Machinist

Responsibilities Include:

    •Study sample parts, blueprints, drawings, and engineering information in order to determine methods and sequences of operations needed to fabricate products and determine product dimensions and tolerances.
    •Set-up and manage CNC machines to perform different jobs including drilling, grinding and milling.
    •Machine parts to specifications using machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, shapers, or grinders.
    •Oversee the machines while they execute the tasks and make the necessary changes to produce improved results.
    •Measure, examine, and test completed units in order to detect defects and ensure conformance to specifications, using precision instruments such as micrometers.
    •Check machinery on a daily basis to guarantee functionality.
    •Communicate logistics issues that arise in the process of creating a part.


    •Ability to read engineering drawings.
    •Know G Code
    •Be proficient in turning, boring, and milling.
    •Great attention to detail with a goal-driven attitude.
    •Strong comprehension and analytical abilities.
    •Good computer and mathematical skills.
    •Work well in a team and Independently.
    •Possess excellent organizational skills and be able to multi-task as needed.
    •Have good time management skills.
    •Have excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.


    •2 year experience preferred
    •High school diploma or equivalent qualification required.

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