To reduce high energy costs, processing waste heat must be efficiently recovered and productively utilized.


Our stainless Washdown Energy Recovery Motor provides the solution. Motor generated waste heat is absorbed by its circulating cooling water and made available for productive use elsewhere. If a processing application requires hot water, warm water discharge from our Water Cooled motor can be directly used to provide huge energy savings.

More than ever, businesses are tasked with finding operating efficiencies and implementing sustainable practices. Our water-cooled energy recovery motors help you achieve both.

Water-cooling of an electric motor provides a far more efficient means for the collection and removal of waste heat. The warm water discharge can be directly used and affords huge energy savings.

Uniform and lower temperatures of the water-cooled winding and bearing increase the motor’s service life and reduce bearing maintenance. Our stainless steel housing, water jackets, and endbells will not rust or impact corrosion debris ensuring the cooling water’s chemistry and purity is intact.


• Remote Motor Condition Monitoring

• Automatic Re-Greasers

• Reservoir for easy removal of excess and waste grease

• Rust-Free

• Corrosion-Free

• Sanifan Technology


• Feeding Boilers

• Supplying Steam to Cooking Kettles

• Equipment Washdown

All of our products are assembled to order, allowing our customers to select the options right for them. When you partner with us, you are not limited to the stock models offered by other manufacturers. We will manufacture a motor or gear motor to suit your specific requirements. Send your specifications to our Sales Department and we will be happy to assist you.
We will work together to ensure that the end product will be well-suited for your application.