Compound Planetary Inline Spiral Bevel (SBT) gearmotors combine our Inline Planetary (IL) and Spiral Bevel (SB) gear reducers to offer a greater variety of speed reduction than either gearbox alone. Compact and highly efficient, SBT gear motors are ideal for high ratio, high power applications.


Combining our Sanifan Technology motor, an IL series planetary reducer, and spiral bevel final output stage yields an exceptionally sanitary and efficient package. The SBT tubular housing features smooth, easily cleanable surfaces and can be supplied as flange mounted, face mounted or foot mounted. Large bore hollow shafts are easily accommodated, making these ideal for “piggyback” scraper/agitator mixer drives. An internal oil pump assures proper bearing lubrication in any orientation, at any speed. The pump is bi-directional, meaning proper performance is assured regardless of output rotation direction and is maintenance free.

These units make excellent retrofit candidates for existing unsanitary cast iron gearmotor drives and SMI engineers will partner with you to ensure a “drop on” retrofit success.

The IL gear reducer mounts directly off of the motor shaft. The IL shaft then feeds into the SB gear reducer housed in a unique tubular casing. The tubular housing features smooth, easily cleanable surfaces and is often equipped with a flange or C-face mounting.

The SBT output shaft is at right angle to the motor shaft and is available as solid or hollow bore with either a vertical or horizontal orientation. SBT units are made to order allowing OEMs and end users to specify a particular mounting configuration for the best possible integration with new or existing equipment.


• Sanifan Technology

• Positive Pressure Lubrication System

• Compact Design

• Solid or Hollow-Bore Shafts

• Vertical or Horizontal Orientation

• Output Shaft at Right Angle to Input Shaft

• O-Ring Sealed Sanitary Shaft Cover


• High efficiency, quiet operation,
  right angle drive, low overhead room

• Available Output RPM: 9 through 200

• Available Power: 5 HP through 40 HP

All vertical output shaft models feature our Positive Pressure Lubrication System ensuring that all bearings and gears are well lubricated even at very low rotational speeds.
Purity FG EP 460 (USAD H1) synthetic lubricant provides exceptional lubrication and extended life performance.

Positive Pressure Lubrication System

All of our products are assembled to order, allowing our customers to select the options right for them. When you partner with us, you are not limited to the stock models offered by other manufacturers. We will manufacture a motor or gear motor to suit your specific requirements. Send your specifications to our Sales Department and we will be happy to assist you.
We will work together to ensure that the end product will be well-suited for your application.