The Ultimate in Sanitary Design

Stainless Motors, Inc. is the Original Sanitary Stainless Steel motor manufacturer and the exclusive manufacturer of the patented Sanifan® Technology sanitary motor design.


The Stainless Standard - We never compromise on quality.

Only the finest materials are used in manufacturing our products.

We build our products for longevity and reliability to minimize our customers’ maintenance demands and processing downtime. Each of our products has a sanitary design enabling easy cleaning and providing it with the ability to withstand severe washdown and processing conditions.



Stainless Motors, Inc. offers a complete line of sanitary stainless steel washdown-duty electric motors. All are designed for severe washdown environments and are inverter rated. Sanifan® Technology, the pinnacle of sanitary design, is standard on all our motors. As the original stainless-steel motor manufacturer and the exclusive manufacturer of Sanifan® Technology products, Stainless Motors, Inc. provides quality, performance, reliability and enhanced cleanability.


Designed for rigorous washdown applications, our stainless gearmotors and reducers feature a smooth, sanitary #4 finish to facilitate cleaning. Our gearmotors are available in several designs to suit every application and are made to order to meet your specifications. We welcome requests for unusual or custom work. Our Engineering Department will expertly assist in determining the best motor/reducer combination to fulfill your particular requirements.


Stainless Motors, Inc. offers S-flex or sureflex style couplings with the same corrosion resistance as our motors. Made of stainless steel, they are suitable for washdown locations and can be specially made to fit your custom application.


Our Engineering Department can easily modify existing designs or create a fully custom solution to meet the needs of almost any imaginable application.

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